Top 5 Best and Exciting Quad Core Phones under Rs.15,000 in India

Good bye dual core smartphones! We need change! We can’t afford you any more because now we have a handful of quad core phones at handy prices! They are fresh as well as powerful to handle any big tasks running on our machine. No matter whether it is a 3D game of high-graphics, or a big-sized office app, our phone is able to manage them all without compromising on speed. Even though there are a lot of quad-core powered smartphones releasing every day, price is a big thing that should be chosen very well. Why to invest more than 20k on a phone if the same stuff is available on another branded phone of 15k ? To help you out choose the best under your budget, I am here with a detailed article on the top 5 quad core phones under 15k in India. To be frank, all these five have their own pros and cons, but according to their buyers, they are best under the price of 15k. Here you can see that the price range is in between Rs.10,000 and Rs.15,000, so that you can easily decide which one will fit best among these top quad-core phones, according to your budget. So, let’s start counting 1, 2, 3.

1. Micromax A116 Canvas HD

Micromax A116

Incredible! That’s the only word we can use to describe this phone in one-word. It is such a spectacular phone from Micromax which made a trend in India. For those who don’t know,  this phone was sold out in the first 30 minutes after it first hit at Snapdeal online store! Then we saw higher demand for this Micromax A116 but it was too late when Micromax launched it again and then the price was hiked. In my view, none could compete with this in the quad-core segment at the range of 15k even now. The Celkon A119Q is the latest among its rivals and I had a comparison between Micromax A116 and Celkon A119Q here.

Killer Specs!

  • Android v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) [v4.2,1 upgrade coming soon]
  • Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 CPU
  • PowerVR SGX544 Graphics
  • 5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 294 ppi
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal and 32 GB external storage
  • 2000 mAh battery with 5 hours talk time
  • USB OTG (On-The-Go)
  • MTK MT6589 Chipset
  • 3G, WiFi with Hotspot, Bluetooth and microUSB
  • Dual SIM

Micromax has planned to upgrade the OS to Android v4.2,1 Jelly Bean. In this comparison of top 5 quad core phones, only this Micromax A116 has USB OTG feature. This feature lets you connect the USB cable on your phone with any other USB device. This phone is feature-rich and the only disadvantage that you can see on this phone is less battery talk time. But still it is manageable. In my opinion, if cash is not a problem for you, you must go for this best buy phone under 15k.

Micromax A116 Canvas HD Price in India – Rs.13,499/- Buy From Flipkart!

2. Celkon A119Q Signature HD

Celkon A119Q

The second option for you if you really want a best quad core mobile is the Celkon A119Q Signature HD. It resembles the Micromax A116 in almost all specifications but still there are a few vital features that may attract you towards this phone. One of them is the snapper, the 12 MP primary camera against the 8 MP of A116. Also A119Q has 3 MP front camera against the 2 MP of A116. This brings a lot of buyers towards the A119Q. If you check its specs, you can see that it has better battery backup, latest Android version, than Micromax A116. Then what is the reason why I put this to the second place after A116 ? Well, I also took brand value into the account. Celkon does not have enough brand value when compared with Micromax which itself has been proved as big brand in India.

Killer Specs!

  • Android v4.2.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Quad-core 1.2 GHz CPU
  • PowerVR SGX 544MP2 Graphics Card
  • 5-inch Capacitive touchscreen with 294 ppi
  • 12 MP Primary Camera
  • 3 MP Secondary Camera
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal and 32 GB external storage
  • 2100 mAh battery with 6 hours talk time
  • 3G, WiFi with Hotspot, Bluetooth and microUSB
  • MTK 6589 Chipset
  • Dual SIM

You will save Rs.1500 if you decide to buy this instead of Micromax A116 Canvas HD. Because it asks Rs.12,500 while A116 is priced at Rs.14,000. At this price range, you cannot ask more stuff. For that reason, Celkon A119Q is a best buy for sure.

Celkon A119Q Signature HD Price in India – Rs.12,840/- Buy From Flipkart!

3. Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle

Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle

After the Micromax A116 and the A115 Canvas 3D, they introduced the A111 Canvas Doodle, which is another quad core smartphone. Micromax moves with the current trend and their next is rumoured to be the Micromax A120 Canvas Pro HD which is another killer smartphone. After that has been out, no one, even the A116 will be wiped off! But A120 will have a price tag of nearly 20k.

The A111 Canvas Doodle  is packed with 5.3-inch capacitive touch screen but its less 185 ppi won’t be able to deliver HD images and videos. It sports Android v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) OS along with 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 512 MB RAM. Yes, less ppi and RAM memory are its cons but it has many pros also, such as bigger screen, 6 hours battery talk time etc.

Killer Specs!

  • Android v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Quad-core 1.2 GHz CPU
  • Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon Chipset
  • 5.3-inch Capacitive touchscreen with 185 ppi
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal and 32 GB external storage
  • 2100 mAh battery with 6 hours-30 minutes talk time
  • 3G, WiFi with Hotspot, Bluetooth and microUSB
  • Dual SIM

If you want a top quad-core phone of bigger screen size in the 15k range, this one would be the best option for you. If both Micromax A116 and Celkon A119Q did not make any waves on your mind, the next one is nothing but the Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle.

Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle Price in India – Rs.9,949/- Buy From Flipkart!

4. Karbonn S5 Titanium

Karbonn S5 Titanium

It is more cheaper in the list. It comes with a price tag of Rs.11,500 in India. Even though it is cheaper, this phone has all that you see in the above told smartphones. It sports the Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) with a 1.2 GHz processor, Adreno 203 GPU and Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon chipset. Just like others, it has 5-inch display but the resolution is less, ie 540 x 960 pixels against the 720 x 1280 pixels of A116 and A11Q. The Karbonn S5 has 220 ppi pixel density which is also less when compared with others. All the other features include battery backup are almost same.

Killer Specs!

  • Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system
  • Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • Adreno 203 Graphics Card
  • 5-inch IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen with 220 ppi
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal and 32 GB external storage
  • 2000 mAh battery with 6 hours talk time
  • 3G, WiFi with Hotspot, Bluetooth and microUSB
  • Qualcomm MSM8225Q Snapdragon Chipset
  • Dual SIM

It is not an HD smartphone and that is the only disadvantage I could see on it. Its display pixel density is less and cannot play 1080p HD videos. But except that, this is definitely a value-for-money deal for you. At Flipkart online shopping website, this phone has got an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 based on 154 ratings so far, given by its buyers. You can read the user reviews on Karbonn S5 Titanium here at Flipkart.

Karbonn S5 Titanium Price in India – Rs.10,399/- Buy From Flipkart!

5. Karbonn S2 Titanium

Karbonn S2 Titanium

The Karbonn S2 Titanium would be the best out of others if you want to buy a quad-core smartphone in the range of 10k because it is priced at Rs.10,000 presently. This beats any other phones in the 10k range with its stunning features. It is dual SIM with dual standby, has 5-inch TFT Capacitive Touchscreen, sports Android v4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) OS, powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and 512 MB RAM. Yup! It has only 512 MB RAM and not 1 GB as posted by many bloggers on their websites. But you can read the user reviews of S2 Titanium here at Flipkart and you can see what the buyers are saying about it. They claim that 512 MB is enough for this phone to run any big-sized apps or games. The phone does not hang at all. Read more at the above link!

Killer Specs!

  • Android v4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system
  • Quad-core 1.2 GHz processor
  • 5-inch TFT Capacitive touchscreen
  • 8 MP Primary Camera
  • 2 MP Secondary Camera
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal and 32 GB external storage
  • 2100 mAh battery with 6 hours talk time
  • 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and microUSB
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset
  • Dual SIM

Based on a total of 25 ratings so far, this Karbonn S2 has got an average rating of 4.6 which is enough for a buyer to decide whether to buy it or not. You can see that 90% of the user reviews are positive. If you are looking for a quad-core powered smartphone for 10k, look no further. This is the best and cheap quad core smartphone ever released by a known brand.

Karbonn S2 Titanium Price in India – Rs.9,100/-  Buy From Flipkart!

Here ends the top 5 quad-core phones’ list and now it is up to you. Decide one among these five if you love branded phones only. There are many other options such as Zen Ultraphone 701 HD, Spice Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535 etc. But I took brand name as a factor to choose the best 5 quad core phones coming under the price range of 10k to 15k. Hope you enjoyed the article. If so, don’t forget to use the share buttons. :)

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Posted on June 8, 2013


  1. Varun says:

    hi Niteesh, planning to buy one is the Canvas A116 HD steady or Delicate to handle, mainly the back panel which is mostly plastic.
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  2. rajkumar says:

    hi nitheesh , i have decided to buy the celkon a119q but the problem is many review show that games r not playing wel enough in this phone . wat is ur views?

  3. rajkumar says:

    thank u nitheesh for ur reviews, i have not used android mobiles so far ,is it good directly going for a quadcore processor phone or should i go for some mid segment phones which has dualcore proceesor nd so on . and one important thing it is good buying from online stores , ppl say sum damaged pices r also delivered , please suggest me a best online store.
    lastly if i’m going for a quadcore phone is celkon 119q or iBall Andi 4.5d Quadro which should i select and what about their after sale services .thank q . Waiting for u reply

    • Hi,
      There is nothing wrong in going for quad-core phones if you have enough money to spend on. I would recommend the Micromax A116 Canvas HD for you. It’s a good budget quad-core smartphone to buy. And yes, there are chances of getting damaged items when buying from online stores but you can go to which is the most popular online store in India. Their service is awesome and you can read what their buyers are saying about them on any of their product pages. And for your last question, I would suggest you to go for Micromax A116 or wait a few days for the upcoming Micromax A117 Canvas 4. I would not recommend you to buy an iBall smartphone because they did not make a good name yet. Hope this helps.

  4. rajkumar says:

    one more thing is the camera of 119q worth 12mp and wat abt t quality of pictures.

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